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If unable to attend a lesson, you are required to give at least 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled lesson. If not I am authorised to accept your payment. If you need to reschedule for some reason, let me know as soon as possible, 24 hours prior to lesson, to make alternative arrangements


You MUST confirm your lesson 24hrs before your lesson (if a casual or someone who changes their time) otherwise it is expected you turn up and pay full price of lesson. 


To pay for your singing lesson/s, it is preferred you pay prior to lesson or during duration of lesson. 

Cash IS most definitely accepted in person, feel free to pay by bank transfer if its an easier option for you. Online students pay via bank transfer, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Make sure you send a receipt of your
payment via text/email to confirm payment!



30 minute Lessons    $35

   60 minute Lessons    $60   



For my new students and parents,

Please Note:

IN PERSON: If there is somebody before you when you arrive for your lesson, please wait at the door and I will invite you in when the lesson finishes with the previous person.

ONLINE: please wait until I let you into the Zoom call (their is an online waiting room you enter when you click the link or enter the code for Zoom). There can sometimes be a time buffer (5min) pre and post initial lesson time where I'm running over with a student or changing from in person lessons to online. Please rest assured - you will get your full lesson time.


What to bring 

INPERSON: To start off your singing journey, I ask you bring a notebook, display folder (possibly lyric sheets inside*) and water.

ONLINE: I love working on repertoire (songs) in lessons so having your songs/backing tracks/karaoke tracks and lyrics you need loaded on your device to sing with. I am able to screen-share and play tracks for you from my end however this isn't preferable.


The first lesson is an introductory session, we go through basic concepts explained in a way that suits the individual as well as get to know each other. It is recommended you get an hour for the first session (excluding the younger students) but of course if the younger students can have an hour if feeling up to it, GO FOR IT!


*Due to the first lesson being mostly introductory, we mostly go through basic singing knowledge and techniques (to see where you are at)

However, more often than not, we may have time to hear you sing so it is asked you put at least 2 songs & lyrics sheets in the display folder. For online students, please have either the song or karaoke/instrumental ready to play with lyrics if you need them. (You can have Youtube, Spotify etc loaded) These songs do not need to be memorised or learned, just songs you like and enjoy singing (we start with you singing with the performer and gradually move you to singing on your own unless you have had previous vocal experience and are accustomed to the repertoire)

Following the first lesson we may be working on one song or multiple songs a lesson along with technical work.

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